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Healthy Here Community and Clinical Linkages:  The Wellness Referral Center (WRC)

The Wellness Referral Center (WRC) was born in REACH Year 2 as a way to increase connections between community members and available health care and wellness resources (i.e., "community and clinical linkages). To achieve this goal, the WRC engages providers in referring their patients to community-based programs to prevent and manage chronic disease (e.g. chronic disease self-management classes, cooking and nutrition education, and walking groups). Led by Adelante, First Choice and Presbyterian Center for Community Health--and beginning with a pilot program at First Choice--the WRC currently engages a majority of the clinics in both the South Valley and International District. The WRC continues to grow deeper roots in these provider organizations, as well as expanding outside of these communities. There are currently wait-lists as we grow the opportunities of community program schedules to accommodate the demand. In REACH Year 4, through the increased engagement of more providers and community classes, the WRC seeks to embed the referral process as a lasting and beneficial systemic change.

Wellness Resources

Chronic Disease Prevention

  • Paths to Health New Mexico classes

The goal of the Paths to Health NM programs is to improve the physical and emotional health of individuals with chronic diseases and their caregivers, by helping them gain self-confidence in their ability to manage their symptoms and how their health problems affect their lives.

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