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Collective Impact Initiatives

Bernalillo County Community Health Council is committed to using a collective impact approach to plan and implement strategies to improve the health of Bernalillo County communities.

The term collective impact, first used by Kania & Kramer in 2011, refers to an approach to improve systemic social conditions, which relies upon the relationships between organizations which work together to move collectively toward shared objectives.

Collective Impact differs from other collaborative approaches. The strength of collective impact comes from approaching systems problems by reaching agreement among diverse stakeholders to address a shared community issue in a multi-faceted way. The five conditions needed to achieve collective impact are: a common agenda, shared measurement systems, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication, and a backbone support organization.

Collective Impact offers a proven framework to guide the implementation of initiatives aimed at system-level change and requires unified effort to leverage the skills and capacities of stakeholders within multiple sectors of the community, including: non-profits, neighborhood groups, government agencies, schools, businesses, faith communities, and community leaders.

For more information about collective impact, please visit the Tools for Collective Impact page.

The Health Council is actively participating in two collective impact initiatives:


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