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What We Do


The Health Council strives to improve the health and well-being of all Bernalillo County residents, focused on three desired results:

· Healthy and sustainable communities where all families and individuals have their basic needs met and prosper.

· Improved health and education outcomes for children/youth from pregnancy to age 25.

· Improved healthcare access and quality of service for uninsured and indigent population   

In order to accomplish this, our strategies and activities include:

·  Developing a County Health Profile to assess the health status of county residents, and to identify and map our community's resources, needs, and characteristics that affect our health.


·  Supporting a county-wide comprehensive planning process that promotes the concept of primary prevention and assures that the voice of the community is heard and included in all planning and program development, including the voice and concerns of youth.


·  Convening community members, leaders, organizations, public agencies, policy-makers and advocates to identify and prioritize issues related to improving individual and community health through primary prevention and promotion of health in all policies.

·  Joining with other local coalitions and collaboratives to work collectively on issues aligned with Health Council priorities.

·  Creating action plans, policy recommendations, strategies and activities to achieve the systemic changes, program coordination and policies needed to improve the health status of all Bernalillo County residents and achieve health equity.

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